Natural sea sponges

The natural sponge is the most luxurious product in the bath.


From the depths of the sea, nature brings us the natural sponge, nature's intended product for our skin.  Due to their softness, absorbability, anti-bacterial, and antifungal properties, natural sponges are specially recommended for the care of sensitive, facial and infant skin.

The natural sponge feels wonderful and it is the most absorbant naturally occurring item on the planet. No synthetic sponge can duplicate the feeling of  a sea sponge against your skin or hold the amount of water that a natural sponge can hold.  The natural sponge quickly creates a beautiful thick lather with  all types of soap. Also, the natural sponge is the quickest and best way to remove a face mask as deeply cleans your pores, leaving you with clean, refreshened skin. Natural sponges are wonderful, soothing and soft for baby’s skin.

Natural sea sponges are available in all sizes and qualities you need may need.


Cosmetic Sponges: Make-up, Silk Face Sponges

Baby Bath Sponges: Silk, Silk Grass, Wool, or Honeycomb Sponges

Bath: Top Quality Bahama Silk Grass Sponges, Wool, Honeycomb

Art and Craft Sponges: Single Sponges, or Packed Assortments

General Use: Car Wash, Polishing, Staining, Cleaning and wherever a quick and superior job is required.

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