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Production and trading of fine natural sponges and other bath products since 1895.


The family of John Sakalleros has been in the business of fishing, processing and trading natural sea sponges on the island of Kalymnos since 1895.  Sakalleros owned a small fleet of six fishing boats and gathered sponges from the Mediterranean Sea from areas near Libya, Tunisia and also throughout the Aegean. The family business along with its traditions were passed on through the generations and, following the death of Nicholas Sakalleros in 1986, management of the firm passed to Emmanuel Sakalleros, who in 1993 moved the firm’s base of operations from Kalymnos to Kos.


In the year 2000, the firm’s main warehouse and headquarters moved to Koropi, a suburb of Athens. Sponge Traders International  has enjoyed increased success and, yearly growth in the world markets for natural sponges.


By the end of 2013 the company has managed to gain a very large share of the market both in the Greek and International markets with its products being sold in over fifty different countries. Sponge Traders International has succeeded in providing good service with high quality unique products at competitive prices.


The natural sea sponge has established itself in world consciousness as a Greek product and as a luxury item for the bathroom. More important, the sponge is recognised as a superior product for human hygiene and skin care. Greece and especially the islands of Kalymnos, Limnos, Simi, Kos, Rhodes and Crete are ultimately connected with the fishing and trading of the finest natural sea sponges which are found at depths of up to 100 meters.

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